About Us

Is a voluntary group of people registered as non-governmental, non partisan, not profit, sharing with its bases at the grass root level with a view of enhancing socio-economic, cultural and environmental sustainable development, founded in 16th July, 2012 in Morogoro Region then shifted to the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children on 25th July, 2019 with Registration No. 00NGO/R2/000185.

Our Goals

To improve the life standard of vulnerable groups within a community through community-based development projects

Our Mission

Creating positive change through community-based development projects



  • To provide training and workshop on IGA to local communities in Morogoro region and all over the country.
  • To provide home based care and support to victims of malpractices HIV/AIDS.
  • To assist orphans, widows, elderly, youths and the homeless to achieve a better life stand.
  • To assist youth, women and all people to know the issue of environmental and climate change
  • To accept gifts, grants, subscriptions and donations under conditions acceptable to WEZESHA MABADILIKO.
  • To provide preventive and curative health services.
  • To provide training seminars, workshops to beneficiaries on entrepreneurship and fund management.
  • To train older people as per educators for prevention campaign and programs and serve as peer counsellors.
  • To ensure effective participation and engagement of community members in development projects.
  • To promote HUMAN Rights towards sustainable development
  • To create awareness, encouragement and empowerment.
  • To share information, knowledge, experience with other stakeholders.
  • To promote gender equity and equality in development agenda
  • To conduct entrepreneurship courses seminars and workshops for women in particular


  • Wezesha Mabadiliko will be expecting to get its land and build their premise in Morogoro town) before 2021.
  • Capacity building for all workers in all matters related to Wezesha Mabadiliko from its activities such as to men, women, youth(girls& boys) and children elders and vulnerable.
  • Wezesha Mabadiliko will be expecting to give best education to girls and boys children to prevent themselves in early marriages and pregnancies.
  • Wezesha Mabadiliko will be expecting to give education all street children in this regional and to return them to school who dropped out and others to get vocational training to assist them to get knowledge for their life.
  • Wezesha Mabadiliko will be expecting to give women and men education of entrepreneurship to assist them to prosper in their business and to get profit for their daily living and taking good care to their family.
Name of the  OrganizationWezesha Mabadiliko
Headquarter of the OrganizationMorogoro District, Morogoro region, Tanzania
Emblem / logo of the Organization 
Contact person, including address (postal address, tel./mob phone number and  email & WebsiteLusako Mwakiluma


P.O. Box 6156, Morogoro, Tanzania

Mobile Phone:+255 713 448181




Partners the organization working with i.e. CBOs, local and international organizations




Wezesha Mabadiliko also collaborates and working with other local, national and international NGOs such as:


  1. Human Development Association
  2. Women Children Group
  3. Greenbelt School Trust Fund
  4. Wataalam Group
  5. Umwema Group
  6. Volunteer Ifakara Group Policy
  7. Tanzania Association of Mentality Handicapped
  8. Shirika la Nguvu za Vijana
  9. Dira Theatre Group
  10. Mtandao wa Jamii wa Wasanii


Partner and their Organization Activities/Program

1.Human Development Association (HUDESA)Policy engagement




Mr Anthony FuimeGood relationship
2.Women Children Group Ifakara Mr Joseph ChamangaGood relationship
3.Greenbelt School Trust FundCollege of JournalismMr John Lumuliko MengelleGood relationship
4.Wataalam GroupPolicy EngagementMr Salum DibegaGood relationship
5.Umwema GroupEconomicMr Masoud MakullahGood relationship
6.Volunteer Ifakara  Group PolicyPolicyMs Honoratha DilungaGood relationship
7.Tanzania Association for Mentality Handicapped IfakaraPolicyMr Lucas LimbechiGood relationship
8.Shirika la nguvu za VijanaDevelopment foundationJohn KobaGood relationship
9.Dira Theatre GroupConflict and ResolutionMr Mkosasura WaziriGood relationship
10.Mtandao wa Wasanii MorogoroPolicy engagementMr Msenga AmiriGood relationship


Background Information


WEMA recognizes that, women youth and children as the most vulnerable victims of conflict, disaster and underdevelopment. Therefore, our primary focus is the women, youth and the children. All our works are designed to bring hope and a future to the women, youth and children of Tanzania.


Through an integrated community-based development approach, we build community capacity to meet the needs of men, women, youth and children in the areas of primary health, education, food security, water, and environmental protection, advocacy, human rights, culture, disaster management and income generation. The group of people that the organization targets are in rural and semi-urban areas of Tanzania.


The Organisation’s overall development goal is to empower the poor and vulnerable mainly who are women, youth and children to acquire knowledge, education, skills, and information sharing and credit facilities for improving their socio-economic status.


In order to achieve its objectiveWEMA works through the following projects: –

Every Wezesha Mabadiliko member contributes for supporting youth and orphans by educating them through face to face and distance learning of self-awareness particularly those who are at school and street.  Apart girls educated how to protect themselves from the early pregnancies and early marriages and to say no if needed arises.  Education for students to get easiest way to pursue their examination, how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS, Tuberclosis & Leprosy.  Training of life skills will be conducted all the time in and out the Wezesha Mabadiliko Office.

Under this project women are organized in groups doing their developmental activities.  Wezesha Mabadiliko  supports these women by providing education and show them the place which they will be getting loans such as FINCA, PRIDE, BLUE, Black, CRDB, Exim and other bank.  This activities conducted after WEMA made research of women about loans that women was good to receive loans for small groups rather than one by one.

Proposed loans written to make sure when we received we will prepare the schedule to give the active member of the WEMA for further returns.



We were conducted the seminar for two days for the youth and educated how to create small farm for agriculture of  the responsible society by creating the sense of self-reliance and the ambitions of self-help generating project (Fish farming, horticulture, rabbit, goat, pig, poultry, bee keeping and mixed crop banks etc…).  The Climate Change training was conducted for the whole people at all time if needed arises.


Wezesha Mabadiliko will be expecting to create tree nursery for growing different varieties of seedlings which are being distributed throughout the Region & District to be planted for environmental protection.


Wezesha Mabadiliko conducted several workshop for free for entrepreneurship for women, men and youth in business matters to get some techniques which were assisted in many society and get prosperity.